Utility Bills

To find out which company supplies your Gas and Electric, use the following numbers:

Gas: 0870 608 1524
Electric: 0845 603 0618

You must provide your full address and postcode. In some cases you may need to provide your meter serial number which is located on your meter.

If you have a pre-payment meter and lose your card/key during your tenancy, you are responsible for contacting your energy supplier and arranging a replacement.

If you have a Bill meter we will take your meter readings on the day you move in and notify the energy supplier.

Please note that if you have any problems with your meter or energy supply, again you must contact the supplier.

Tenants housed in the Birmingham Borough

Birmingham City Council Tax: 0121 303 1113
Severn Trent Water: 08457 500 500

Tenants housed in the Sandwell Borough

Sandwell Council Tax: 0845 351 015
South Staffs Water: 0845 60 70 456

  • nla

    National Landlords Association

    Phone: 020 7840 890
    Email: info@landlords.org.uk
    Website: www.landlords.org.uk

  • fib

    Find it in Birmingham

    Phone: 01384 563050
    Email: info@finditinbirmingham.com
    Website: www.finditinbirmingham.com

  • Midland Landlord Association Scheme

    Phone: 0121 288 2008
    Email: talk@mlas.org.uk
    Website: www.mlas.org.uk

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