We encourage all our customers to work with us to develop a personal support plan. Our expert support workers help each customer to decide what support they need and to identify their own goals, objectives or strengths. This information is put into a support plan.

Outcome areas

Here are some typical outcome areas that customers work towards.


Customers then record their own progress until each outcome, or objective, is met. We also work with customers to identify strengths and, where appropriate, we work with carers and other partners such as social services.

Getting involved

We encourage the people we support to take managed risk and involve themselves as much as possible in their local community. We provide support for people to access a range of social activities, training, volunteering and employment opportunities.

Some people who use our services have said that the training and employment opportunities have increased their self-worth and given them more confidence. Some have now even moved into paid employment with us or other organisations.


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