Weir Housing UK Ltd strives to ensure high standards of accommodation are procured for the provision of services to all our Local Authority partners. Properties are fully inspected by experienced and professional staff whose aim is to ensure that our properties not only meet our own criteria, but meet contractual specification, individually tailored to meet the needs of our Local Authority partners.

A full copy of our property standards can be obtained upon request, however as a guide, the minimum standards are detailed below:


  • Access to be safe, well-lit and easily accessible
  • Gardens to be clear of any rubbish with no overgrown vegetation, fences to be in good working orde
  • Doors all doors to be secure and to meet building regulations
  • Roof to be sound and in good repair


  • Property to be free from any damp, mould, condensation, peeling wall or ceiling paper.
  • Plaster to be sound unbroken and to show no movement when examined,
  • Surfaces to be painted or papered.
  • Suitable flooring to be free from defects
  • Clean, furnished and ready for occupation.
  • Heating/hot water in good working order

Communal/Common areas (if any)

  • To be clean, tidy, well-lit and well maintained.
  • Garden/yards/paths
  • Clear of any rubbish with no overgrown vegetation, shrubs or trees.
  • Fences to be in good order and secure.
  • Gate/s to operate and gate posts/pillars to be secure
  • Sheds or ancillary buildings to be in good safe repair, otherwise to be removed.


  • External front doors to have 5 levered mortice dead lock with an additional “Yale type night latch and a safety chain fitted or a multipoint locking system and a safety chain fitted.
  • External rear doors to have 5 levered mortice latch/ lock set or a multipoint locking system.
  • All doors to open and close freely and be wind and weather tight.


  • Property to be free from any damp, mould, condensation, peeling wall or ceiling paper etc
  • Condensation will occur, at some time, in all homes. Condensation problems due to structural features should not be so pervasive as to constitute a health hazard or be a statutory nuisance.

Windows / glazing

  • Louvre types of window and centre hung “swing” windows are not acceptable.
  • Any windows above ground level, which open wider than 100mm and could present a danger to a child, should be fitted with a restrictor mechanism. This mechanism should limit the window’s opening to no more than 100 mm.


Fixed heating must be provided and should be either

  • Full gas central heating (preferred) or
  • Full electric Economy Seven (night storage) heating (less than 15 years old)
  • Warm air systems.
  • The heating must be sufficient to maintain an internal Temperature of 21 degrees Centigrade in the living room and 18 degrees Centigrade in all the bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen and hallway

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