Weir Housing Ltd is working in partnership with Local Authorities to provide good quality, affordable housing.

The scheme offers property owners the opportunity to lease out their properties with a guaranteed rental income and none of the day to day worries of dealing with tenants.

The scheme gives you:

  • A lease period for up to five years
  • Guaranteed rental income every month regardless of void periods
  • Management by experienced housing professionals
  • Guaranteed vacant possession at the lease end in the same condition in which it was taken (subject to fair wear and tear)
  • Repair and maintenance service or you may wish to arrange the repairs personally
  • Free electricity testing

The aim is to provide access to self contained accommodation that can be flexible.

Our properties range from flats and maisonettes to detached and semi-detached houses. All the properties are self-contained and they are used as move-on accommodation after bed and breakfast and hostel placements.

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