Weir Housing Ltd aims to carry out its maintenance as quickly, as efficiently and as cost effective as possible so that its properties are maintained at a high standard of repair and tenants are satisfied the with service provided by weir Housing Ltd.

We have a highly trained in-house maintenance team capable of dealing with a range of maintenance issues, including; repairs, gardening, gas/electric safety certification and PAT certification.

Emergency repairs – made safe or resolved within 24 hours

Weir Housing Ltd have a 24 hour emergency repairs telephone number which is given to all tenants on the day they move into one of our properties. This dedicated line is manned by a Weir Housing Ltd representative who will handle the repair from start to finish and allocate the repair to the most appropriate maintenance team.

The tenant is contacted back within a 4 hour time period to advise of a time slot and action that will be taken to remedy the repair. If the tenant cannot be contacted, depending on the severity of the repair, (gas or water leak for example), we will gain emergency access to carry out the repair. We will ensure that a consent form for such actions is signed by the tenant the day they move into the property.

Urgent Repairs – resolved within 7 working days
Routine Repairs – resolved within 28 days

Once a repair has been reported, a member of Weir Housing Ltd’s maintenance team will inspect the property to assess the repair. A time and date will be booked with the tenant for the remedial work to be completed.

Access arrangements are made with the tenant via the following methods:

  • 1st Telephone
  • 2nd Via Text
  • 3rd Via Letter

Following all repairs a representative of Weir Housing Ltd will arrange to inspect the property again in order to confirm work has been completed to a satisfactory standard.

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