We work closely with our residents to ensure we manage their homes well, provide them with a speedy repairs service and give support when it’s needed.

However, we know we can improve our housing services and make better use of our money. We are making some important changes that will help us provide our customers with a better housing service.

Maintaining our properties

We are committed to making a long term investment in the homes we manage, so it is in our interests to ensure that our properties are well-managed and properly maintained.

We work with contractors who provide services for gardens, repairs and entry phone systems. Because we are a large and well-established organisation, we get value for money from the contractors we work with.

Managing mixed tenure sites

Mixed tenure schemes are occupied by our tenants and leaseholders, as well as private owners and tenants of other housing associations.

Whilst some other estate managers separate their service management by tenure, our mixed tenure housing management provides the same efficient and consistent service for all our residents. For example, we use one contractor to provide a quality cleaning and gardening service to all residents.

As a result, we can manage and develop communities seamlessly, from planning all the way through to neighbourhood management. We pride ourselves on providing an excellent service with committed staff and the experience to make partnerships work.

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