Weir Housing Ltd can provide hostel accommodation while your application for housing is being assessed.. During your occupation we expect you to agree to the following terms and conditions.  

  • You will not have any exclusive right of occupation of the accommodation nor any security of tenure.
  • If we need to terminate your stay in the hostel, we will give you at least 24 hours notice.
  • If, however the safety of other people staying at the hostel is at risk, we may give you less notice.
  • If you break any of the conditions of your licence, you and any members of your household may be asked to leave the accommodation and this may have a negative effect on your housing application.

Your responsibilities

  • You must keep to the terms and conditions of occupation.
  • You must use your hostel accommodation in a proper and considerate manner.
  • You must pay your accommodation charges in full and on time.
  • You are not allowed to carry out any trading or business from the hostel accommodation.
  • You are not allowed to carry out any redecorations to
  • the premises.
  • You must not, under any circumstances, leave children (aged 17 or under) alone in the hostel.
  • You must not use the hostel, or allow it to be used, for any illegal/immoral purpose.

We may vary the charges for the accommodation and any of the conditions set out here by giving you 28 days written notice.

What should you bring with you?

You should bring your own toiletries, towels, clothes, crockery, cutlery and kitchenware.

Please remember that you only have the room or flat as allocated (and furnished), plus kitchen cupboards in which to keep your belongings and utensils.

If you bring too much you will not be able to fit it all into your room - there are no other facilities at the hostel where you can store your belongings. You must not bring any extra furniture or fittings with you. Please leave our furniture/fittings inventory in your room.

You must keep all hallways, stairs and landings clear of obstructions at all times. You must keep prams, pushchairs, bikes etc in your room, or in an area agreed by your Scheme Manager.

Under health and safety regulations the Scheme Manager will check any electrical appliances that you bring into the hostel. You will not be allowed to use any appliances that are in a poor condition.

Hostel rooms are allocated on availability and according to the size of your family. There are communal kitchens, bathrooms and toilets/shower rooms.

Your room will be furnished with a mixture of the following:

  • Single bed(s)
  • Table
  • Folding chair(s)
  • Wardrobes
  • Curtains
  • Lampshades
  • Bedside unit

You should bring your own cot (with mattress and bedding) or carry cot (with bedding).
We will lend you the following fire retardant bedding and bed linen whilst you stay in the hostel. You must not use your own bedding due to health and safety regulations.

  • Duvet(s)
  • Duvet cover(s)
  • Pillow(s)
  • Pillow case(s)
  • Fitted bottom sheet(s)

It is your responsibility to wash the bed linen we loan to you. You may wash this as often as you want. In the kitchens there are communal cookers, refrigerators and freezers. Microwaves are available at most hostels. You will have a cupboard in which you can store your tinned and dry food, saucepans and crockery.

Sheds, if available, may only be used for storing prams and pushchairs.

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