Proud to be altogether different

At Weir Housing Ltd we are committed to the promotion of equality and we value the diversity of both our customers and our staff. We understand that equality and diversity are fundamental to the effective delivery of our services and our performance as an employer.

Whilst there has been much positive social change since Weir Housing Ltd was formed, discrimination and harassment against groups and individuals within society has not disappeared.

Satisfying our customers

Making equality and diversity a core part of everything we do is essential if we are to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction. By having a clear understanding of the diverse needs of our customers we can target our services effectively, and invest where it makes the most difference.

The current economic climate and changes to welfare provision are being felt most by some of the most vulnerable members of the communities we serve. Weir Housing Ltd will continue to explore the ways in which we can support those groups disproportionately affected by these changes. This will include providing support for disabled people, those fleeing domestic violence and young people seeking
employment and through the provision of homes, investment in communities and by improving our services.

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