Our mission is to expand our services to other Local Authorities and companies that have specific housing needs and to set up new schemes and initiatives to achieve government targets and to help save costs of our Local Authority partners.

  • Our Objectives

    • To meet Weir Housing Ltd statutory obligations as a landlord
    • To provide an efficient, responsive, sensitive and effective service to our service users.
    • To maintain Weir Housing Ltd housing stock by ensuring high standards and quality maintenance.
    • To ensure that Weir Housing Ltd achieves the best cost effective service for their client
  • Our values

    • Putting our customers first.
    • Being business effective.
    • Delivering best quality.
    • Having care and concern for our employees.
  • our customers

    Making equality and diversity a core part of everything we do is essential if we are to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction. By having a clear understanding of the diverse needs of our customers we can target our services effectively, and invest where it makes the most difference.

  • our vision

    We work in diverse communities across the UK and understand that our customers want what we all do: safe and secure communities, well-maintained homes that we can afford and care and support when we need it. We’re about creating opportunity and are a force for positive change.

"One Of The Leading Accommodation Providers To The Local Authorities"

Weir Housing Ltd are one of Birmingham's leading private sector provider of Interim accommodation and management services. We provide full property management solutions for local authorities throughout the West Midlands.

We are an independent family company specialising in interim and emergency accommodation and property management. As specialists we are fully focused on the priorities and the needs of our clients, our loyalties are dedicated to providing a diplomatic and sensitive service.

Weir Housing bases itself on focusing all its letting and management services on the needs of our Clients, Tenants and landlords.

Weir Housing Ltd do not lease to private tenants only to the local authorities, this gives us the ability to focus all of our time and experience on our clients.

We specialise in providing all types of properties, from one bedroom apartments and studios to large family homes.

Weir Housing Ltd provides the full spectrum of accommodation services including:

  • Private Sector Leasing
  • Hostel Accommodation
  • Temporary Accommodation
  • Emergency Accommodation

We have an in house maintenance team, cleaning team and decorators, all properties are inspected by the local authorities private sector leasing officers and carry the relevant safety certificates.

If you are a Local Authority please call to discuss any temporary accommodation schemes that Weir Housing Ltd can offer and tailor to suit your specific needs

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